mardi 11 février 2014

FUT Millionaire

FUT Millionaire

A lot of people are trying to get coins in Fifa Ultimate Team. The best way to get some is to play a lot, or buying and selling players. Consequently, FUT Millionaire was created in order to do that automatically.

Finding the FUT Millionaire exploit wasn't an easy thing, as we spent a lot of time analyzing the autobuyer. After 200 hours of work, we finally found the exploit everyone was waiting for, and we're now able to share a working free version of the best Fifa Ultimate Team autobuyer.

Thanks to our site, and thanks to our research, people can now use FUT Millionaire without paying anything. We're glad to know that people can take advantage of that insane software for free.

We hope you guys are gonna have fun with our free version of FUT Millionaire!

Recently, we found a breach in FUT Millionaire database!
Thanks to that exploit, we can share that awesome autobuyer for free with you. You just have to choose if you want to use it online or offline, and click on the "Start" button!

Our site has been updated recently, the autobuyer is working perfectly, and you don't have to download the tool! We insure your account won't be banned because of it..

Some people may have to do a security step before activating the hacks.
Enjoy using the best FUT autobuyer!

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